How to Use Your HempIOS CBD

You are unique and so will be each individual’s dosage. Your own biochemistry and current health status will have an impact on the effects CBD will provide for you.
Most people benefit on a lower dose 350mg which is 12mg per serving.
People with more serious problems will benefit from 1000 – 3000 mg which is from 34 – 100mg per serving.
This easy tracker will help your mind and body make the changes you need. Remember, start low and increase as needed!

CBD General Suggested Dose
General Health Adults & Teens
12mg daily per serving from 350mg
30 – 50mg daily from 1000mg – 1500mg
Chronic Problems
84mg daily from 2500mg bottle OR
100mg daily from 3000mg bottle
Sleep Issues SleepNow Blend
30 minutes in evening before bed (app 1 full dropper)
Pets – Blissful Pet Blend
½ dropper 10 – 25lbs 1 dropper over 25lbs
Very Small pets 10lbs< 1/4 dropper MICRODOSING TIPS Start with minimum dose Take one dose in morning and one in evening if splitting dose Take same dose for 2 weeks minimum to get a baseline Adjust dose up or down as needed after 2 weeks Use chart below to monitor for 3-4 weeks **If you are currently on prescription medication: use lower dose to be aware of any possible interactions with other medications. Spread out and use at least 2 hours between CBD and any medicine. Always check with physician

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