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Our SleepNow Strips have been developed with HempIOS in-house Compound Pharmacist. Each delicious SleepNow Strip helps pamper the three phases of sleep in a convenient and simple-to-use, quick dissolve delivery.
Our clinical testing with supports that SleepNow Strips helps you to organically drift into the three phases of sleep cycles, so you can:


SleepNow strips are easy to use.  Simple open your mouth, place on your tongue and hold for 1-2 minutes until fully dissolved.  The delicious natural mint flavor helps open mouth pores for fast absorption, without the use of water. They also leave a fresh clean taste in your mouth that everyone wants to fall asleep with!

SleepNow strips dissolve quickly in the mouth into the mucosal membrane and then move directly into the bloodstream for fast absorption.

Our product has been independently lab tested, contains 0% THC, is non-groggy and non-habit forming.

With this order you will receive one set of 10-individually wrapped SleepNow strips.

Each pack contains ten (10) individually sealed wrappers for a total of 10 SleepNow strips.


  • 27.5mg Proprietary Blend (CBD and Terpenes) – fall asleep
  • 10mg 5-HTTP – Hydroxytryptophan – wake refreshed
  • 1.5mg Melatonin – sleep soundly

Developed with HempIOS  in-house Compound Pharmacist.
Manufactured in an American-based Pharmaceutical Lab, under cGMP standards

CBD – Cannabidiol

CBD (cannabidiol) is a naturally occurring, non-psychoactive compound that has an ever-growing body of evidence supporting its anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory properties and additional benefits that address acute and chronic pain, anxiety and sleep disorders.  The CBD used in our HempIOS SleepNow Strips is 0% THC. CBD is a low risk alternative to over the counter (OTC) alternatives and research has shown great promise for sleep. A large retrospective case series at a psychiatric clinic involving 103 adult patients and clinical applications of CBD for anxiety and sleep complaints found within the first month, anxiety (79.2%) and sleep (66.7%) scores improved considerably [7].  Research has also found CBD to significantly increase total sleep time [8].


The addition of Melatonin in our HempIOA SleepNow Strips is important, even just 1.5mg.  Melatonin is a hormone that acts as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, helps insomnia and regulates the sleep-wake cycle.  Melatonin is naturally released primarily by the pineal gland in the brain of healthy individuals but as humans age, decreased function of the pineal gland is associated with sleep-wake cycle disturbances.


5-Hydroxytryptophan (5HTTP) is a naturally occurring amino acid which research has found easily crosses the blood-barrier and effectively increases central nervous system synthesis of serotonin [15]. 5-HTPs ability to boost serotonin in the body plays a major role in regulating and restoring sleep-wake cycles, keeping the body’s bio clock in sync [16].

The terpene in HempIOS CBD’s SleepNow Strip product (derived from hemp) is shown to have powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties capable of reducing pain, anxiety and regulating hormones that control sleep quality.

With each order of SleepNow strips you will recieve a free Deep Peaceful Sleep audio recording that you can listen to each night if you’d like. It will
teach your mind and body how to relax, let go and with practice you’ll be able to control your relaxation response automatically!! Wow!!

~~ Did I mention how convenient they are to travel with?


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